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...she said "I love you...
Baka! Baka baka baka baka baka! Why would you do that?
...I was being haunted by the past, I can't wash the blood off my hands...
Gomen! Gomen! I ran into're so KAWAII!!!

Otakus T.T

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Welcome, Peeps!

Yoooooo! Just kidding, hey! Thanks for coming to this site! :D I'm Katie, and this is a site mainly for all you otakus (a.k.a people who just LOVE <3 <3 <3 anime or manga like moi) out there. And although there are billions of other more popular sites, I'm glad you somehow found this place. welcome anyway. :) ...To be honest, I made this site out of boredom. Oh, and of course, because I wanted a place I could log on to whenever I wanted and write random stuff and post it without having the owner of the site delete it due to "copyright" or something. Get it? Because I own this site! Yay! Well...actually...I technically don't but details, details. :3 

Also, gomen, but I'm terrible with technology and I'm not good at being a "site manager" so I'm apologize in advance for my most-likely gonna happen screw ups and lateness of updating/creating pages. Arigato. Wah, that was so serious T.T heh Jk! 

Also, if anyone has requests for something, just comment on my member's page, or PM me. Something like that ;) and I'll see what I can do. (For Hetalians, no I'm not being Japan, don't worry)

Otakus- You people can pretty much do what otakus do. Post pictures of yourself cosplaying, of other people's cosplays, of random or specifically amazing anime characters, fan or non-fan videos you made (such as music, covers, animations, clips, etc), chat about animes, roleplay, write fanfiction, etc, I really don't have too many rules. You can even cuss your head off! :D Just not at eachother, because then this site won't be nice and friendly and awesome and fluffily full of cotton candy, unicorns, flowers, and grim reapers wearing bunny costumes. In other words, please don't turn this site into a battlefield, unless it's roleplaying, or your just debating about animes. ^.^ tehee